General Overview

Racing Overview

Racing on Zwift requires specific skills and info. Get up to speed in a hurry with this video and accompanying compilation of tips. 

  1. You can find races around the clock for various abilities. Like all two-wheeled legends, you don’t
    even have to wear a helmet. Fun fact: The UCI didn’t make helmet use mandatory until 2003.
  2. There are two types of bike races: elite and non-elite. Many of the elite races are pro caliber. But if
    you’re looking to ride with elite Zwifters, there are plenty of opportunities, for example, you can
    join A or B level races.
  3. Races are divided into four categories: A, B, C, and D. The A category is the fastest group
    comprised of elite racers with an FTP four watts per kilogram or more. The D category includes
    Zwifters with FTPs less than 2.5 watts per kilogram. D races are where most beginning racers start
    their careers. 

Here’s a quick overview of all the categories.

Category A – FTP of 4.0+w/kg.

Category B– FTP of 3.2 - 3.9w/kg.

Category C – FTP of 2.5 - 3.1w/kg.

Category D– FTP of 1 - 2.4w/kg.

4.  Most err on the side of a less aggressive category for their first race.

5.  Before your first race, a little homework goes a long way. Here are some tips.  Make sure you’re hydrated and fueled before you get to the start line. 

  • Same goes for a fan, water, and towel. You’ll need all three. And if you race with music, charge your
    earbuds in advance as well as any device you use with Zwift Companion.  
  • Get a proper warm-up in. Seriously. You can’t race without a warm-up because the start is so
  • Find a wheel immediately. Drafting is your friend in Zwift because it saves you energy. Important in
    group rides, it’s absolutely critical in racing if you want to stay with the group and have some
    energy left for the end of the race. 
  • Know the course. The more you know about the ascents, descents, and flats, the better you’ll be
    able to pace yourself.
  • Pro Tip: You can find race recons of most of Zwift’s courses on our blog at
  • Choose an appropriate in-game bike and wheelset in the Drop Shop. This will require research. But
    the right set up can save valuable seconds — maybe as much as a minute, in a competition.
  • Use PowerUps strategically. Do some research. And make sure to watch our video on PowerUps.