2018 World Champs Week

The 2018 UCI World Championships takes place in Innsbruck-Tirol. One of the highest profile races of the year, cyclists from around the world will fight for the privilege and honor of wearing the World Champion rainbow stripes jersey.  

The Zwift World Champs Week celebrates the 2018 UCI World Championships. Choose from daily events similar to the races in Innsbruck-Tirol.

The week starts off with the Time Trial events, where riders battle against the clock. The aim simple, but not easy: get aero, ride hard, and push through the pain until the very end.

The UCI Road Races begin midweek. Get ready to get caught up in the fun because the World Championships create an atmosphere like no other. The riders are all in and going for broke and the fans turn out in full force.

Initial distances are modest with the Juniors. That changes in a big way on Sunday — the pro men race a massive 265 KM. We’ll be riding half the distance as the real-life road event.


Ride and complete any challenge to unlock the Innsbruck Fan Kit. Once unlocked, it’s yours to keep. You’ll receive an email notifying you of completion and when you can expect to see the fresh kit in your locker.


It’s World Champs week and everyone's going to be pumped up for the racing, ready to throw down at the first scent of embrocation cream and the sight of skinsuits. This is the biggest week of racing of the year, so you can expect riders to be using their adrenaline to their advantage as the rocket out of the start gates to race to the finish line. No need to worry about pace, just finish the stage and the kit will be yours.


  • Monday, September 24
    • 20km Time Trial Challenge (the distance of the IRL Junior World Championship that day)
  • Tuesday, September 25
    • 28km Time Trial Challenge (the  distance of the IRL Elite Women’s World Championship that day)
  • Wednesday, September 26
    • 52km Time Trial Challenge (the distance of the IRL Elite Men’s World Championship  that day)
  • Thursday, September 27
    • 36km World Champ Challenge (½ the distance of the Junior Women’s Road Race)
  • Friday, September 28
    • 90km / 24km World Champ Challenge (½ the distance of the Men’s U23 Race)
  • Saturday, September 29
    • 78km / 24km World Champ Challenge (½ the distance of the Elite Women’s Race)
  • Sunday, September 30
    • 130km / 24km World Champ Challenge (½ the distance of the Men’s Pro Race)

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