Aero Army Wynn TT Race Series Northern Hemisphere

The Aero Army Wyn Time Trial Series is back! Bigger than ever, it’s now worldwide. Get ready to fine-tune your race tactics and improve your TT-game with Zwifters across the globe!

The series begins on March 1st and charges through the next six weeks. Whether you’re a veteran of “racing against the clock” or are new to it, these competitions pack plenty of punch. 

Learn how to hit back. And maybe even dodge a jab or two.

Do these TTs right and you’ll school yourself on strategy, learn more about pacing, and discover just how close you can get to your red line without blowing up. And because you’re on Zwift, you can stay on the aerobars for the whole race and never have to worry about stop signs or traffic.  

These TT events also provide a great venue to race your friends and earn bragging rights every week. 

More importantly? The Aero Army Wyn TT Series is an opportunity to compete. Be sure to join the league on ZwiftPower to see how you stack up to others around the world each week. 

Pro tip: get a good warm-up before the race starts. You want to start strong from the gun!



Race 1: March 2nd

World: Yorkshire

Route: Queen’s Highway

Distance: 3 km // 1.9 mi

Elevation: 37 m // 121 ft

Laps: 2

Lead in: 2.8 km // 1.7 mi

Race 2: March 9th

World: Crit City

Route: Bell Lap

Distance: 1.9 km // 1.2 mi

Elevation: 8 m // 26 ft

Laps: 3

Lead in: 0.1 km // 0.1 mi

Race 3: March 16th

World: Richmond

Route: Two Bridges Loop

Distance: 5 km // 3.1 mi

Elevation: 13 m // 43 ft

Laps: 1

Lead in: 4.3 km // 2.7 mi

Race 4: March 23rd

World: New York

Route: LaGuardia Loop Reverse

Distance: 2.8 km // 1.7 mi

Elevation: 27 m // 89 ft

Laps: 2

Lead in: 2.5 km // 1.6 mi

Race 5: March 30th

World: Paris

Route: Lutece Express

Distance: 6.6 km // 4.1 mi

Elevation: 33 m // 108 ft

Laps: 1

Lead in: 3.5 km // 2.2 mi

Race 6: April 6th

World: Watopia

Route: Two Bridges Loop

Distance: 6.8 km // 4.2 mi

Elevation: 80 m // 262 ft

Laps: 1

Lead in: 0.1 km // 0.1 mi



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These are races, sure, but like most time trials, it’s you against the clock. Most Zwifters discover the ability to dig deeper when they’re surrounded by a supportive and competitive community.

It’s not about who wins! It’s about making each other stronger on the pedals and faster on the roads. And about going head-to-head with a tough adversary: yourself.  


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