beat cc cycling series


Netherlands-based cycling community BEAT is chock-full of world-class pros, its very own media channel, and a cycling club that spans Europe to Japan. They’re teaming up with Zwift to serve up a sweet event series that mixes pros and amateurs for next-level rides.

The BEAT Series consists of three challenge events and three race events, blending track- and road-style events and they’ll all be led by BEAT Cycling pros.

All events will be broadcasted live in BEATs own Studio Paincave. Beyond livestreams and race reports, this series throws vodcasting, direct viewer interaction, giveaways, and more than a few jokes into the mix. Whether you’re into all things BEAT or can’t make the rides and want to watch, be sure to catch the action.


Put your pedals to the metal and go the distance to unlock the in-game BEAT CC kit. 


Yep—partially. Three of the six events in this series throw you wheel-first into lung-busting, pulse-pounding races.


From a humble group of rebels in 2016 to a UCI Continental road team and a UCI track team as well as a race-winning community in 2020, BEAT has grown rapidly. What hasn't changed is the DNA of everyone in the BEAT community. Professional track and road cyclists, alongside the thousands of affiliated fans and cyclists now comprise the massive group of adventurers who inspire cycling in their own unique way at BEAT.