Canyon Speedmax Series

Towards the end of 2020, Canyon reimagined their widely popular Speedmax TT bike, taking to the wind tunnel to engineer the ideal triathlon bike. Ridden by many of the world’s top professional triathletes, the bike is now available on Zwift.

Get a taste of this top-notch speed machine in the Canyon Speedmax Series.

All events in this series are scheduled in pairs and go down every weekend in May.

The first event is a 30-minute workout specifically created to wake up your legs and get your heart pumping for the upcoming Individual Time Trial event.

With the warm-up complete, you have ten minutes to join the pen for the Individual Time Trial. This is the time to ride the Speedmax FAST. The Tempus Fugit course is the flattest, fastest road on Zwift so crank up the watts and leave nothing on the table.


Yes, but with a twist. One event is a warm-up, while the other is a time trial, where the only competition is yourself. Get pumped up and push forward for a personal best.


Anybody who goes the distance and finishes the TT event will unlock the stylish Canyon kit.