El Giro De Rigo Workout Series

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For information on the 2019 Zwift El Giro de Rigo Fondo event on November 3, please click here.


On November 3, Rigoberto Uran, one of Colombia’s biggest pro cyclists, is holding his annual El Giro de Rigo, a fondo covering some of the finest roads in the land. This year sees it traveling through a number of coffee farmsteads, a nod to one of Colombia's greatest exports.

The El Giro de Rigo Workout Series prepares you for a long day on the bike. Sound intimidating? Don’t worry—we’ve got your back. And so will the hundreds of others you’ll be riding alongside within this workout series. 

Workouts last around one hour in length. If you’re not planning on heading to Colombia anytime soon, you can experience the Giro de Rigo action on Zwift. We’re hosting our own in-game version of the event so anybody, anywhere in the world, can take part. 

Workouts kick-off Oct 8. 

The 2019 Zwift El Giro de Rigo is on Nov 3 - For more information and how to register, please click here.


  • Oct 8 - #1 - Mitochondria
    • In this session, we include short, controlled intervals above threshold with minimal recovery. This type of training provides the perfect stimulus to increase mitochondrial density and sustainable power.
  • Oct 10 - #2 - Sub-Threshold
    • Sub-threshold intervals are an integral part of building aerobic endurance. By training at an intensity slightly lower than threshold, you are able to complete large volumes of work with minimal anaerobic impact.Completing sub-threshold intervals results in a high oxygen consumption which provides a boost to your aerobic system. 
  • Oct 15 - #3 - 3min VO2max
    • There’s no escaping the fact that VO2max intervals are hard work. However, with the right amount of VO2max work, there are big gains to be made in your ability to sustain high power. VO2max is the amount of oxygen your body can use at a sustained maximal output. Simply put, the more oxygen your body can absorb the more power you will produce.
  • Oct 17 - #4 - TT Steps
    • Focusing on efforts that increase in intensity today. Just as in El Giro de Rigo, you will be ramping up the pace as you reach the top of the climbs. We are also looking at the repeatability of these efforts. Everyone is good on the 1st climb. We want you good on the last climb!
  • Oct 22 - #5 - Explosive Climbing
    • Attacking your way into the base of the climbs today. By performing a high powered effort at the base of the climb, you will build up some lactate before completing a zone 4 effort. But today is all about high crank torque. That means low cadence efforts
  • Oct 24 - #6 - Steady Climbing
    • Today’s session focuses on simulating the demands of extended climbing. The climb starts at the lower end of zone 3 and finishes in zone 4. But you will be targeting a cadence similar to climbing.
  • Oct 29 - #7 - V02 Bursts
    • To help prepare for the Giro de Rigo, this session will have you touching briefly on VO2max power. VO2max training is one of the key elements to help improve fitness without causing significant muscle fatigue. 
  • Oct 31 - #8 - Aerobic Endurance
    • Not every session has to involve high-intensity efforts. Today's session is a low-intensity workout focussing on your aerobic fitness. This will help ensure that you are fresh for Sunday's big ride. El Giro de Rigo. 


Finish a workout to unlock the stylish in-game El Giro de Rigo jersey!



Nope. This is an eight-part workout series that culminates in a fun in-game fondo through Zwift’s Titans Grove expansion.


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