Geraint Thomas' NHS Zwift Shifts

In the fight against COVID-19, healthcare workers serve as our first line of defense. Working tirelessly and treating patients with grace, their days are typically long. 12 hours long, and often more. Nurses, doctors, and hospital specialists sacrifice their personal safety day in and day out, and athletes are joining in to support.

2018 Tour de France winner Geraint Thomas of Team INEOS plans to mirror a standard shift of a typical National Health Service (NHS) health worker. That means he’ll ride 12 hours a day, for three days, starting April 15th. 

Geraint will livestream his Zwift rides—cheer him on and pedal with him. Donate to the cause if you can. We’re kickstarting the relief fund with a £25,000 charity contribution to the NHS.

Join a legend on Zwift. Support the cause. Help save lives.


Sign up to ride on any of the legs across three days with Geraint. On occasion, you might see a special guest or two. Sign up for any of the recurring events over the 12-hour period, at a time that’s convenient for you. Expect a moderate-to-fast pace, depending on the time of day.


If you can afford to, make a contribution to G's NHS donation here.


These are social group rides for anyone who wants a challenge and wants to support COVID-19 relief efforts. Rides will be offered in 2-hour increments over the 12 hour period. Pace your engine so you can go the distance.