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KISS Men's Crit Series — North America presented by Cycleops

We love seeing new racers at the start line, pushing each other to dig deep. But expect some stiff competition! The reward? The top 10 competitors in the overall standings for the two time-specific races will be invited to a LIVE Racing final in March to determine who will be crowned the KISS Men’s Crit Series North American Champion. Stay tuned for location and date.

In North America, we will have two separate events with different start times. You can choose which time slot suits you best. Once you have raced a specific start time slot, you must continue to race at this time for the duration for the overall to count.

There's something in it for everyone with weekly prizes being drawn at random for all eligible finishers, regardless of placement in the race.


  • 10 male finalists will win an all-expenses-paid trip to a North American live racing final event in March (locations TBD).
  • Top 3 live finalists will win a Cycleops trainer.
  • The crowned KISS Men's Crit Series North American Champ will win Zwift for life(!)
  • Weekly Zwift swag bag prize drawings will also be held for all participants.


  • Log into Zwift Mobile Link.
  • Hit the events tab: this shows upcoming events.
  • Find the event you want to race: KISS Men's Crit Race North America. 
  • Zwift Mobile Link will ask if you want to set a reminder and add the event to your calendar.  Choose from a 15-minute, 30-minute, or 60-minute reminder. Add the event to your calendar.  
  • Log onto Zwift on the date of the event. Make sure you have enough time to warm-up.
  • A reminder will pop up. Click on it and take your place at the starting line.
  • Zwift tip: Enter the event early to get a good starting position.


This is a points-based competition. The winner of each race receives 20 points, second place receives 19 points, third receives 18, and so on... 20th place receives 1 point.

Results displayed in-game are preliminary. We’ll post FINAL results on

At the end of the series, the top 5 racers with the most points in both the 8 pm EDT and 8 pm PDT races  — culled from their best seven finishes — advance to the final.

More important details...

  • Races will be held Thursdays at 8 pm EDT and 8 pm PDT.
  • 10 races in total, best of 7 to count.
  • Once you join a time slot, you'll need to continue to race in that period for the duration of the 10 weeks.
  • There will be separate races for Men & Women, but both groups will have a mass start.
  • Riders best 2 results from the previous Crit series will be carried over if, a) the rider only completes 5 races. Or, b) the best 2 results are better than 2 of their 7 qualifying racers.
  • Finalist will be determined based on points ranking at the end of the series.
  • Weekly prizes will be a random drawing for all eligible finishers, regardless of placement in the race.
  • While you are not required to wear a heart rate monitor to participate, you are required to wear a heart rate monitor to qualify for points.
  • Zpower riders will not be eligible for league points.
  • Riders must be registered and agree to terms and conditions at or they will be excluded from the results entirely.
  • Riders must have their Strava data public for the ride.
  • Powerups allowed.
  • Road bikes only. No TT bikes.
  • In the event of a tie for 5th (NA - East/West) the last race positions where both riders participated will be used to determine who goes through to the Finals.
  • More about KISS Racing here: