Monday Run Club

Start your running week with a progressive steady group run. The idea of these runs is to stay together and share the collective experience just like an IRL group club run. Every run includes leaders who will message pace instructions and encouragement. Please have the workout written down or copied from the Zwift Mobile Link in case the leader disconnects.   

Please choose the group for the effort you want to run at. And just for fun, each run finishes with a warm down section to encourage chat when it is easier to type. Please be sure to complete this to actually complete the whole run.

Progressive Training

Designed to improve stamina, progressive runs are great for teaching the body to run increasingly faster at the end of a race. The structure of the run is to start at a slow, relaxed pace that increases as the workout continues.

Monday Run will happen five times a day, on Mondays, of course. There will be two groups that will each run at a different pace.