Tacx Japan Tour


The Tacx Japan Tour is a 5 stage event open to all Zwifters. Featuring a mix of flat, hilly and mountain stages, the Tacx Japan Tour is a personal endurance challenge as you compete against others, yourself, and the clock. Results will be displayed when you finish. Ride 3 of the 5 events and you might just win a Tacx Neo smart trainer! See below for more details.


No, it's a personal challenge against the distance and the clock. Some participants will ride the event like a race but there is no winner of the Tacx Japan Tour.  It's all about doing your best and trying to finish as many stages as possible.


- A Group (Long Distance) = The A Group is the long-distance event.  It does not mean it's the faster group, it simply means if you choose this group the stage is longer.  Open to men & women

- B Group (Short Distance) = The B Group is the short distance event.  It does not mean it's the slower group, it simply means if you choose this group the stage is shorter.  Open to men & women

- C Group (Women-only, Short Distance) = The C Group is the women-only group.


  • The Grand Prize is a Tacx Neo awarded to one Japanese Zwifter picked at random who completes 3 of the 5 stages.
  • 20 Japanese Zwifters who complete 3 of the 5 stages will also be picked at random to win 2 Tacx Shanti bottles & 2 Tacx Deva bottle cages.

NOTE: All Zwifters can ride the event but only residents of Japan are eligible for prizes. Eligible First Prize winners can choose the color preference of bottles and cages.


Tacx Mission and Vision

We develop innovative, high quality products that inspire you to push your limits

Tacx is an innovative company with great passion for sport and technique. This passion drives the organisation and can be seen in all departments; from purchasing to production and product development to logistics.

 A company with drive

 The drive to constantly innovate and improve is typical of the company. Tacx takes up the greatest challenges and is able to detect and push limits as everything is done in-house. Resulting in optimised production, innovative products and state-of-the-art designs.

 Everything in-house

The company’s main strength lies in the fact that practically everything is designed and manufactured in-house. Product ideas and optimizations are developed, tested and produced rapidly. From design to moulds and final production, all is done under one roof. This enables us to guarantee high quality products.