Team Dimension Data Group Workout Challenge

It’s never too early to start training. In the run up to this year’s Zwift Academy, Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka challenge you to complete a 5-Stage Group Workout series open to both men and women. Finish ‘em all and you’ll unlock the exclusive team fan kit – and Zwift will make a donation to mark your victory.

Each stage gives riders a taste of what the pros will go through in France this July, over flat, hilly and mountainous stages. We’ll also train with Individual and Team Time Trial stages. A 6th day of rides will be a make-up day with a mix of all 5 group workouts for those that missed a day earlier in the month.

All riders taking part in the events will wear the new Team Dimension Data Fan kit in Zwift. Those who complete all five stages or four of five stages plus any makeup stage will permanently unlock it for good. And there’s another reason to ride.

Zwift will donate $25 to Qhubeka, the team’s partner charity, to celebrate your efforts. All funds go to providing Qhubeka Bikes to communities in South Africa. Get to the finish line, and we’ll help raise funds on your behalf.

You’ll also see that we swapped out the Ride On with the Qhubeka High Five. Make good use of them when you see the pros from Team Dimension Data leading your rides.

Thinking about the next adventure on Zwift? Register for Zwift Academy now at You’ll join a community of thousands getting fit over an 8-week training program designed by world-class coaches. It’s a great way to get fast with your friends.