The Absa Cape Epic Workout Series


Welcome to the 2020 Absa Cape Epic Workout Series. Curated by 5-time Cape Epic Champion and 5-time Mountain Bike World Champion, Annika Langvad, these workouts are tailored for mountain bikers preparing for brutally tough races, like the Absa Cape Epic. Annika uses Zwift to give her an extra edge. Her knowledge and expertise will help you level up your training.

The Absa Cape Epic Workout Series includes 12 workouts that take place over six weeks. All in, the program consists of two Zwift sessions per week.  Be sure to bring your A-game as well as good base fitness. These workouts are tough and not for the faint-hearted — just like the Absa Cape Epic.

The Team Zwift duo, Aldean Lim & Benjamin Ramirez, will participate in these workouts. Nino Schurter and Lars Forster of SCOTT-SRAM will join us for a few efforts along the way too. Keep an eye out on the events calendar as new riders are confirmed.

The 2020 Absa Cape Epic Workout Series begins on February 4th.

Learn more about the Team Zwift MTB duo, Aldean & Benjamin.


The Zwift Absa Cape Epic kit is a nod to the home of the race, Western Cape, South Africa. This land is the home of the Cape Mountain Zebra, an animal that faced extinction in the early 20th Century. Not anymore. Thanks to conservationists, the Cape Mountain Zebra population is heading in the right direction, slowly. And that’s why the jersey includes stripes.
Earning the kit is easy. Just complete one workout, and the unlock is yours. 


  • Feb 4: WO 1 - Increasing Intensity - 1:03 hr - 58 TSS
  • Feb 6: WO 2 - Lactate & V02max Development - 1:04hr - 76 TSS
  • Feb 11: WO 3 - Endurance Building - 1 hr - 65 TSS
  • Feb 13: WO 4 - Z4 with Sprints - 1:03 hr - 79 TSS
  • Feb 18: WO 5 - Threshold Development - 1:13 - 81 TSS
  • Feb 20: WO 6 - Anaerobic Bursts - 1:02 hr - 86 TSS
  • Feb 25: WO 7 - Explosive Power Development - 1:14 - 100 TSS
  • Feb 27: WO 8 - XC Race Simulation - 1:17 hr - 87 TSS
  • Mar 3: WO 9 - Threshold Only - 1:33 hr - 109 TSS
  • Mar 5: WO 10 - Tempo into V02max - 1:25 hr - 97 TSS
  • Mar 10: WO 11 - Pyramids - 1:22 hr - 88 TSS
  • Mar 12: WO 12 - XC Over - Unders - 1:32 hr - 111 TSS


The Absa Cape Epic Mission is coming to Zwift this March. Get ready to test your fitness with the Zwift community. Stay tuned for details.


The Absa Cape Epic, often dubbed “untameable,” is a 600+ km beast of a mountain bike race. Comprised of eight stages over eight days, the competition includes more than 16,000 meters of climbing around the Western Cape of South Africa.

The Cape Epic is the most televised mountain bike race in the world and the only eight-day mountain bike stage race classified as hors catégorie  — a French term that means "beyond categorization" — by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). 

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