Tour of London 2019


Welcome to the 2019 Tour of London. Five stages of fun that put you in the middle of a next-level experience with a community as dedicated as you are.

Join us December 9 as we kick off this special Tour for the third year in a row. Taking place in the immersive London course, riders will get to experience five of its routes up close and personal. There’s something for everyone here, whether you’re a newcomer or a Zwift veteran. 

Although it’s not a race, the action ramps up right from the start. Find a group based on the distance you want to ride and go at your own pace. Want to ride with a different group on different stages? No problem. Have fun, chat with fellow Zwifters, and be generous with those Ride Ons!

By the way, if you’re on the prowl for a fresh in-game look, finish all five stages to get your hands on the Tour of London kit for some next-level style.


Want to rock the stylish in-game Tour of London kit? Knock out all five stages, and you’re all set!


No, it's a personal challenge against the clock. Some participants will treat it like a race, but there’s no podium at the end of the Tour. It's all about getting on the bike, pushing yourself, and completing all 5 stages.


  • A Group (Long Distance) = The A Group rides the long-distance event. It’s not a faster group. Just a group that wants to ride a longer stage. Men and women can join this group.
  • B Group (Short Distance) = The B Group rides the short-distance event. It’s not a slower group. Just a group that wants to ride a shorter stage. Men and women can join this group.
  • C Group (Women-only) = The C Group is just for women.

    Zwifters can join different groups on different stages.


  • Stage 1: December 9–10 
  • Stage 2: December 11–12 
  • Stage 3: December 14–15 
  • Stage 4: December 16-17 
  • Stage 5: December 18–19 

Makeup Stages: December 21–22