Tour of New York

Take a bite out of the Big Apple on this futuristic tour with Zwift.

The OG Zwift community might remember when we released the Tour of New York (ToNY) back in October 2018. Good news: we’re bringing it back! This unique version of New York speaks to Zwift’s past, present, and future in a world based on the real thing, with an added abracadabra of creative magic.

This futuristic map is unlike anything else. If you're new to Zwift, here’s your chance to experience the city that never sleeps in its grandest sense—alongside thousands of others while unlocking the retro ToNY kit.

If you’ve ridden the ToNY, and already have the jersey, this is an opportunity to reminisce about a time when Zwift was growing. And of course, another chance to spin your legs.

The kit and design remain the same. But the format is different. We’ll be covering three stages in three days. Each stage will run a little longer than usual, so be prepared to sweat. Track your results on ZwiftPower Tour of New York League (results will show after the first races) to see how you stack up.

We’ll see you in the Park.

Only if you want it to be. Sure, some folks will want to see where they stack up. But everyone is invited to pedal at their own pace. Find a pack, draft your buddies (or drop them), and keep your eyes on the screen. There’s plenty to see on this tour!

When you finish any stage, you'll unlock the retro Tour of New York kit.


Stage 1 // Park Perimeter

  • A Group = 4 laps - 39.2 km // 24.3 mi
  • B Group = 2 laps - 19.6 km // 12.2 mi
  • C Group (women only) = 3 laps - 29.4 km // 18.3 mi

Stage 2 // Grand Central Circuit

  • A Group = 4 laps - 34.0 km // 21.1 mi
  • B Group = 3 laps - 20.4 km // 12.7 mi
  • C Group (women only) = 4 laps - 27.2 km // 16.9 mi

Stage 3 // The 6 Train

  • A Group = 6 laps - 38.4 km // 23.9 mi
  • B Group = 4 laps - 25.6 km // 15.9 mi
  • C Group (women only) = 5 laps - 32 km // 19.9 mi

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