Tour of Watopia

NOTE: The Tour of Watopia Kit will be assigned to all Zwifters who have completed all 7 stages after the make-up weekend finishes - After April 29

Watopia is a result of Zwift’s creative minds let loose. Watopia has been in existence since 2015, but development started from a tiny map called ‘Jarvis Island’ and its 5km route a year before. Since then we have come a long way with a big help from our community. Watopia represents all the hurdles jumped and design advances we made with the tiny island. These advances enabled us to design a world that can be enjoyed by all and make indoor cycling more expansive than ever imagined.

Now you can ride through an active volcano, under the sea through a transparent tunnel, through a Mayan jungle, and then find yourself above the clouds in the Zwift Alps. Try doing that in real life.

Read more about Watopia and its route's here.

Tour of Watopia

The Tour of Watopia celebrates everything that our designers and developers have achieved by kicking down doors to create something that is truly unique.  The Tour of Watopia is 7 stage event covering the most challenging Watopia courses in one month.  We've hand-picked each course to showcase the beauty of Watopia. From the Mayan Jungle to the dizzying heights of the Alpe du Zwift, the Tour of Watopia is a challenge like no other. Grind your gears with us as we tour Watopia covering 155 miles and 16,437ft of elevation gain.

Unlock the Tour of Watopia Kit

The Tour of Watopia kit is one of the most coveted kits in Zwift.  But like all coveted kits in Zwift, it must be earned. To unlock the Tour of Watopia you must complete ALL 7 stages. During each stage, you will ride in the Tour of Watopia kit but you won't unlock it unless you complete all 7 stages.  Once unlocked, other Zwifers will know you completed the hardest Zwift Tour. Are you up for the challenge?

The Rules

  • Ride all 7 Stages to unlock the Kit
  • Each stage will occur over 2 days.
  • You only need to ride the stage once on the day and time of your choice.  
  • Choose from any of the multiple event times each day.
  • We will be offering 2 "make-up" days. This will be 2 days where we will have Stages 1-7 available for you to complete to make up for any stages that you missed. 
  • These make-up days will be after stage 7.

The Routes - Total of 280km (173 miles) & 5294m (17, 372ft)

  • Stage 1: Big Loop - April 1st or 2nd
    • Distance: 42.8 km (26.6 mi) Elevation: 663 m (2175 ft)
  • Stage 2: Road to Ruins - April 3rd or 4th
    • Distance: 30 km (18.7 mi) Elevation: 275 m (905 ft)
  • Stage 3: Tour of fire and Ice - April 9th or 10th
    • Distance: 25.1km (15.6 mi) Elevation: 1166m (3827)
  • Stage 4: Figure 8 - April 11th or 12th
    • Distance: 29.6 km (18.4 mi) Elevation gain: 252 m (829 ft)
  • Stage 5: Three Sisters - April 13th or 14th
    • Distance: 48.3 km (30.0 mi)Elevation: 896.7 m (2942 ft)
  • Stage 6: Mountain 8 - April 19th or 20th
    • Distance: 32 km (20.2 mi) Elevation gain: 682 m (2,236 ft)
  • Stage 7: The Pretzel - April 21st or 22nd
    • Distance: 72.4 km (45 mi) Elevation gain: 1,360 m (4,463 ft)
  • Make-up bonus days: April 28th & 29th
    • All Stages available to ride to make up for any missed events