Zipp Classics

The Spring Classics are some of the most exciting bike races in the world. For pros, a win means riding your way into the history books. For fans, these one-day events are full of action, drama, and inspiring athleticism. And for all, they mean: goodbye doldrums of winter, hello to the fun and excitement of bike racing.    

Are you ready for a new addition? We teamed up with one of the world’s best wheel manufacturers to launch the inaugural Zipp Classics. 

Four weekends. Four iconic events. For you. 

And some midweek, pre-ride the course fun. 

It’s going to be classic.

Series Overview

Weekday Group Rides

Each week, Zipp athletes and ambassadors host warm-up rides on weekdays. They’ll be at a comfortable, steady pace. Perfect for chatting and sharing your favorite Classics moments and memories. 

We’ll automatically outfit your avatar in the official kit during weekday group rides. Just complete a weekend ride to unlock it permanently. 

Weekend Group Rides

Whether you want to get into the spirit of the Classics spirit before, during, or after one of these epic one-day events for the pros, we’ve got you covered. These group rides are like Gran Fondos: some will race, some will enjoy a mellow spin, and some will do a bit of both. 

Complete one weekend Zipp Classics weekend ride to unlock the kit. 

Pro tip: decide how you want to approach these mass start events in advance. Maybe even do some course research. And if you’re racing, find a group that seems inline with your pace and try to stick with it. That way you’ll benefit from the group draft and camaraderie. 

Sign up for Zwift Power in advance if you want to see how your efforts compare to your fellow Zwifters.

And keep your eyes peeled for exciting news from Zipp. They might be releasing some new speed weaponry. 

One lucky Zwifter who completes all four rides will win a new set of Zipp wheels. Just complete the four events, and you'll automatically earn an entry into the drawing. Rules apply.

Are the Weekend Group Rides Races?

Dancer’s choice! Want to race? Do it. Want a mellow spin? All you. They’ll be plenty of other Zwifters doing the same. Want a mix of the two? Diversity is the spice of Classics life!

About Zipp 

Zipp Speed Weaponry was founded in 1988 with the sole mission of making you faster. Our focus is to produce the highest performing, most durable wheels and components. Over the course of the last three decades, Zipp has done exactly that, by drawing on its core competencies of design engineering, composites knowledge, computer simulation, and wind tunnel development. It is these competencies that have allowed Zipp to deliver a series of firsts in the cycling industry. From the first carbon disc wheel to the first carbon crank to the first carbon wheel to win Paris-Roubaix. These firsts have helped Zipp athletes to become champions in the toughest races in the world, on the fiercest roads in the world, from the cobbled roads of Belgium to the Queen K in Kona.