Zwift Fondo Series North America and Europe

The Zwift Fondo Series kicks off again in partnership with Canyon. Get Fit Together and put your endurance levels to the test. This mega-event brings together tons of Zwifters competing to make their best time. First timers will enjoy the ride-at-your-own-pace style of the event. Seasoned fondo riders, get ready to put your legs to work.


All Zwifters who finish the event will unlock the official March Zwift Fondo kit. Completing the event is the only way to unlock this badge of honor for keeps so don’t miss out! This is a rare, prized item you’ll want in your digital garage. UK/Europe and North America cyclists who complete 3 of 5 Fondos are entered in a drawing for a new Canyon bike.


Fondos come in a few different shapes and sizes.

Gran Fondo / A Group = 2 laps of Watopia Pretzel (89.8 mi / 144.4 km)
Medio Fondo / B Group = 1 lap of Watopia Pretzel (44.9 mi / 72.2 km)
Bambino Fondo / C Group = 1 lap of Watopia Three Sisters (30.0 mi / 48.3 km)


The Fondos will take place on November 19th, December 17th, January, 21st, February 18th, and March 18th.