Zwift Run Series

Zwift Run Series

The Zwift Running Series is back and better than ever in 2021! Hope you’re ready!

Each month, we’ll be hosting a race on Zwift. Open to the entire community, these events will have different themes and special unlocks.

We call these events races, but in reality it’s a mass participation run focused on uniting the Zwift community. Test yourself against the clock over various distances and courses or join your friends for a unique fun run.


This Months Race

The Zwift Run Series is a monthly event that brings the running community together from around the world. This month, you’ll race Sea to Tree route in Makuri Islands —Sea to Tree is a short, one-way route up the Temple KOM from the Fishing Village side. You begin at the “sea” on the island before the Fishing Village, and end at the giant mythical tree atop the KOM.  Unlock the ZRS Simmer Shorts as you complete 75%  of the summer series collection.




World: Makuri Islands

Route: Sea to Tree

Distance: 3.2km + (lead in 0.6km) 3.8km // 2mi + (0.4 mi) 2.4mi

Unlock: ZRS Summer Shorts 

New to Zwift Running?

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