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Thursday, November 24th
6:00PM GMT
Rocacorba Collective Workout Session
Group Workout
Every last Thursday of the month, we open up our Training Tier Workout Session to all so you can get a taste of how we train.
You can get live coaching on Discord by Helen Bridgman, our Rocacorba Collective Coach.

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This week’s workout: Speed Endurance Pyramid

Focus is on higher cadence/speed intervals to boost endurance. Use your gear of choice to maintain a cadence at or above 90 RPM for the ON intervals.

Warm up - easy 4 mins then in the small chain ring do 4 x 30s on/30s off. Cadence should be above 100 RPM without rocking on the saddle during the on segments. Upper body should stay still, while the legs do the work. Power doesn’t matter, this is about getting the legs spinning and the HR up.

Main set - pyramid of work and rest sets with the work parts getting shorter but harder. Rests remain at 2 mins in between each effort. Cadence should be at or above 90rpm for each effort. We start with 4 mins in z2, 2 mins rest, then 3 mins in z3, 2 minis rest and finally 2 mins in z4, 2 mins rest before going back down the pyramid. Once the 4 min z2 effort and 2 min rest are complete we go back up and down the pyramid.

Cool down by riding easy for 5 minutes to finish.

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