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Thursday, November 24th
6:00PM GMT
SZR Recovery Ride
Group Ride
Welcome to the SZR Recovery Ride
- This is a revocery ride a 1,6-1,8w/kg at avg. during the entire ride. At some places on courses the pace could be slightly higher.

- The goal with the SZR group ride is to focus on the group and keeping the group together the entire ride.

- This is a social group ride and not a race. Staying close to the ride leader is the key.

- Follow the ride leaders instructions at all times.

- after steep hills we focus on keeping the group together and soft pedal to let the group come together again.

- Don't bring a TT-bike to the event! We want everyone to sit in the draft of the group.

Use our discord if you like to have a chat with the people on the ride a new window
SZR Recovery Ride (D)
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