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Thursday, November 24th
6:00PM GMT
SZR Bumps and Grinds
Group Ride
As it says on the tin, we will be grinding around the bumpy gravel / mostly gravel routes of Watopia and The Makuri Islands on this ride.
Being a group ride, the focus is remaining together for the duration of the ride. You should aim to sit between the fence and the yellow / red beacon.
Please always follow ride leader instructions.
The tempo for this ride is shown next to the ride category, this is rider weight / gender dependant.

After climbs / descents we will focus on getting the back of the group together with the front.

Due to the nature of the routes ridden, bike types will be recommended / forced by the Leader.
Suggested bikes:
Kappa Quest, Kappa Quest Reverse & Spirit Forest Gravel bike
Jungle Circuit, Jungle Circuit Reverse & Serpentine 8 Only MTB
Countryside Tour, Chain Chomper Free choice
SZR Bumps and Grinds (C)
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