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Thursday, November 24th
6:45PM GMT
PACK Social + KOM After Party
Group Ride
Join the PACK and experience a fun social group ride with an average lap pace of around 2w/kg. Everyone is welcome so come and enjoy the friendly supportive atmosphere with late join enabled if you miss the start. The Leader will always be at the correct pace, giving out instructions to help new riders as communication is the key to a good group ride.

After the event finishes, there is an optional fun After Party KOM challenge up the final climb. Help pace others or try to beat your best time.

All riders will appear in the same kit and you can optionally add (PACK) after your name to show support of the group. Please respect the pace set by the leader, this is a group ride not a race. #strongertogether

Finally, if you are just starting your zwift experience, please join our facebook group and PACK Club for tips on group riding, friendly advice and to answer any questions you have.

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