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Thursday, November 24th
7:00PM GMT
Team RWB - Cycle for Life
Group Ride
Our friendly club spin aimed at Zwifters looking for a group ride experience . It will mostly have a group leader and sweeper, will be D and average 1.8-2.2 w/kg with distances ranging 50-60km. To keep the average we'll need riders on the front pushing 2.3-2.3 w/kg and capable sweepers to bring the group back together.

Our ride is zone 2 work we focus on health and well being with this ride zone 2 is the best tool we can use to achieve metabolic health and longevity low heart rate training has numerous of scientifically proven health benefits and here are at RWB we want to provide you with the best form of training.
Team RWB - Cycle for Life (D)
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