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Thursday, November 24th
7:00PM GMT
Cycling Ireland eRacing Social Ride
Group Ride
Welcome to the Cycling Ireland Social Ride led by Cycling Coach Matteo Cigala.

The aim for this ride is to keep everyone together and have fun. We ride at a steady pace of around 1.8-2.2 w/kg and we might include some efforts, but we will allow enough recovery and time to regroup.
This is NOT A RACE , but a social activity which will help you to gain some skills, knowledge and confidence. Stay close and follow the instructions and pace set by the leader Matteo, which will have a yellow beacon. Each spin will have a fence to help to control the pace, your co-operation is therefore essential to the success of the social ride. If you are feeling strong, we would welcome your assistance on bringing back riders that might be struggling behind.

The ride will last for 60 minutes, however if you can’t stay that long, join the fun for as long as you like! Late-join also available.

TT Bikes don’t draft and requires pushing harder to pace within a group. Also, other riders cannot help you back to the group if you fall behind. To help avoid these issues we recommend not using a TT Bikes on these rides.
Have fun and enjoy!

Founder & Head Coach of Cigala Cycling, Matteo Cigala brings with him over 20 years of experience between racing as a professional and coaching all levels of cyclists, from amateur to top pros.
You will be sure to learn a lot of tips from getting the most out of your Zwift Social Ride.

Join the Discord channel to chat during the workout at the following link: a new window
Guide to setting up Discord chat App: a new window

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