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Wednesday, January 25th
6:00PM GMT
Paris Marathon Training
Group Ride
Last year a group of Zwift Runners met in Paris to run the Paris Marathon.
We spent January to April in training on Zwift and outdoors with interval
sessions and long runs and we're doing it all again this year!

Welcome to the Paris Marathon Training Sessions 2023. You are very welcome to run these events even if you're not joining us for the Paris Marathon IRL, although there's still time to sign up. We would love to meet you!

The sessions will all be live streamed on the Zwift Run Channel on YouTube. a new window and led by Stephen and Victoria from the FMR club, which you can join here if you would like. a new window

Each Wednesday we will run one of the following four specially selected workout sessions to help you train for your spring marathon!

*Week 1 - Ladder Intervals*

*Week 2 - Michigan 3*

*Week 3 - Up the Ladder*

*Week 4 - Jo Pavey 8x90 sec*
Paris Marathon Training (E)
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