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Wednesday, January 25th
7:00PM GMT
Zwift NL - Int. Women's Cycling AMS Workout
Group Workout
This event has the following requirements:
women only iconWomen only.
Visit for more information on race rules.
Do you want to get even StrongHer? Leave the sofa for one hour & join us for an effective interval work out. We are the cycling ladies from the flatlands (the Netherlands, that country with all those road bike champs ,-)) and we gather on Mondays and Wednesdays at 20h CET for a good hour of fun intervals. Here you train on your OWN level. We stick together as a group, so no need to worry you won't be able to keep up!! We also make a special playlist for each training. Follow us on INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK: Int. Women's Cycling AMS. We always post our playlists on our insta stories on the morning of the Event Workout. If you don't have Instagram or Facebook, you can look up the playlist on SPOTIFY by following Floortje Baas, the playlist will have the name of the workout. SEE YOU TONIGHT! XOXO

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