Terms of Service for Clubs

Thanks for your interest in using clubs with Zwift! The services we provide for clubs are part of our “Platform,” as defined under our Terms of Service (“Terms”). These rules apply to anyone that uses our clubs, including administrators, moderators and general users.

1. General Rules

Our Terms apply equally to your use of clubs, including the terms that prohibit certain conduct and content. As a reminder, our Terms include prohibitions on violating law, harassing others, misrepresenting your affiliation with an organization, and content that is pornographic, abusive or infringes rights of others. And, keep in mind that we do not have an obligation to monitor or enforce compliance with these rules or to resolve disputes between users.

In addition to the restrictions in our Terms, you must not:

  • Use any personal information obtained through a club outside of our Platform without the consent of the user;
  • Misrepresent your gender or identity to try and gain access to a club that is intended for use only by a specific gender or identity;
  • Distribute ads or promotions through a club without the prior written approval of Zwift;
  • Use clubs for the primary purpose of directing people to third-party sites or services without Zwift’s prior written approval; or
  • Use clubs to engage in any gambling activities.

Violation of these Terms could result in, among other things, account suspension, removal from clubs, and/or account termination.

2. Administrators

This section applies only to the administrators who set up or are invited to manage a club.

  • If you create a club on behalf of an organization or other entity, you represent that you have the authority to act on that organization’s behalf and to bind them to our Terms (including these rules).
  • You may not charge users a fee to access your club, or any features or services made available through your club, or otherwise commercialize your club without Zwift’s prior written approval.
  • If you are not affiliated with a specific organization, make that very clear. For example, “Fans of [Company]” is typically a fine club name but not “[Company] Riders.” That said, we reserve the right to disable your club or reclaim your club name if there’s a possibility of confusion about your affiliation with another party.
  • The primary purpose of a club must be consistent with the intended use of the Platform. In other words, don’t create a club that has nothing to do with riding or running or interacting with other riders and runners. And, it should go without saying, but definitely don’t create a club that is used primarily to spread hatred or disparaging content.
  • You understand that each administrator has equal rights to manage the club, meaning they will be able to add other administrators and moderators, remove club members, post to the main club page and configure club settings (like whether or not the club is open to the public).
  • If you want to remove another administrator from the club, you should first try to use any tools we offer via the Services. If those tools are not available or your administrators are unable to make the change, then you may contact us at clubs@zwift.com. Only ask for a removal for a valid reason (like for an administrator that is no longer affiliated with the organization sponsoring the club). Do not make a request that will put us in the middle of a dispute between users.
  • You are solely responsible for complying with applicable law in connection with your use of a club, including in connection with any personal information of users made available via a club. If you’re using clubs on behalf of a business, this includes posting a privacy policy that outlines how you will process the information you collect.

3. Relationship to Terms of Service

Use of the services we provide for clubs is subject to these rules in addition to our Terms. These rules are incorporated by reference into and form part of the Terms. If there is any conflict between these rules and our Terms, these rules will take precedence. Except as amended by these rules, the Terms remain in full force and effect.