Connecting to Zwift

Calibrate Your Smart Trainer

Before you start riding, you should calibrate your smart trainer. Why? Calibration means Zwift is receiving the most accurate wattage numbers from your trainer so you can make the most out of your workouts. You should calibrate as soon as you get a trainer, every time you move it, and every seven days.

Follow the instructions below and you’ll be Zwifiting in no time. 

  1. Log on to Zwift
  2. Pair your trainer on the Pairing Screen.
    Click the name of the trainer when it appears.
    If an FE-C option appears, use that.
  3. You'll see a wrench next to the "Unpair" button on the Pairing Screen after you've connected if calibration is available for your trainer. Click it to open the Calibrate Spindown window. 
  4. Read the on-screen instructions and select “Next.”
  5. Hop on the bike.
  6. Accelerate to the requested speed.
  7. Stop pedaling when you hit that speed. 
  8. If you’re successful — Zwift will tell you —  continue with your ride. 
  9. If you’re unsuccessful, try again. If you continue to have problems, try using the software or app provided by your trainer’s manufacturer.
  10. Zwift!