Trainer Set Up

Quick-Release Skewer with a Wheel on Trainer

Setting up your wheel-on trainer is easier than it looks. With some practice, you'll soon become an expert. This video walks you through the process step by step, demonstrating on a bike with a quick-release skewer, and a wheel-on Wahoo KICKR Snap trainer.

  1. Pick your spot. Make sure there’s enough room for your bike and the device you’re using to run Zwift. Also, make sure you have
    access to power for the trainer.  A strong WiFi signal is critical. 
  2. Unfold the trainer. 
  3. Plugin the trainer. The electrical port is underneath the trainer.
  4. Inflate your tires properly. 100 PSI is ideal for many road tires. Check your trainer’s instructions for more guidance.
  5. Open the blue handle to release the trainer’s clamping mechanism.
  6. Loosen the roller enough to align the trainer’s clamping mechanism with the skewer—make sure to use the skewer included with
    the trainer. 
  7. Align the quick-release skewer with the trainer’s clamp. The skewer’s clamp should be on the non-drive side. The roller should
    be immediately behind the rear wheel.
  8. That’s it—you’re ready to Zwift!