Importing a Workout

Have a coach or friend who wants to share a workout with you? Want to build your own? Just follow the steps below.  

  1. Let’s start with PC and Mac. Both save Zwift workout files as“.zwo” files. Find them under
  2. If you downloaded a workout file and want to use it in Zwift, just save it to Documents/Zwift/Workouts/[YourZwiftID] and then
    start Zwift. 
  3. Your workout will now appear under the “Custom Workouts” category in the workouts list.
  4. To organize your custom workouts, you can create directories at Documents/Zwift/Workouts/YourZwiftID and save your
    workouts to specific directories.
  5. Importing workouts to AppleTV? Workaround time! AppleTV's hardware doesn’t allow downloading. That’s the bad news. The
    good? If you first import on a PC or Mac or iOS, Zwift will add that workout to your Apple TV.