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Zwift How-To: Using the Map In-Game and on Zwift Companion

on December 19, 2018

The Zwift universe is ever-expanding, and the best way to keep your bearings is to use the map.

Using the Map In Game

You can find the map in the top right corner of your screen. If you click or tap on it, you can change the perspective to see more or less of the map. Blue dots are other Zwifters, orange dots are Zwifters you follow, and dots with stars are Zwifters you have favorited.

In the top right corner of the map, you will see the grade of the road. As the grade steepens, the numbers grow larger in size and change colors. You can see the upcoming grade by looking at the elevation profile at the bottom of the map. The elevation profile also shows KOM and sprint markers.

Using the Map in Zwift Companion

To use the map in Zwift Companion, make sure you have your phone on the same WiFi connection as your computer. Once you open Zwift Companion it will pair with the game and the map will appear.

Here you can pinch and zoom in or out to get a better look at your route. The compass on the right will adjust your map to either point north or rotate in relation to your arrow. The plus and minus button allows you to quickly change views with just a tap. You can also scroll ahead on the map to see what’s coming next.

Any Zwifters you follow will be highlighted in orange, and you will see their profile picture. Tapping on them brings up their full profile.

Pro tip: tapping your arrow on the Companion map will give a ride on to five nearby Zwifters. Give it a try next time you’re riding with others!

Have fun exploring!


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