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Zwift How-To: How Do I get Event-Based Jerseys and What Do They Mean

on March 26, 2019

What does it mean when a big group of Zwifters goes by in stylish matching outfits? They probably all joined the same event. For some group events all participants automatically wear the same jersey. This helps build a spirit of camaraderie and lets others on course see they belong to the same group.

If a Zwift event has an assigned jersey, your avatar will wear it from the time you join the starting pen until the time the event ends. The jersey your avatar was wearing before the event will reappear once you’re finished.

Some jerseys are only temporary, and you won’t keep them after the event. Sometimes, though, you can unlock an exclusive jersey by joining and finishing a special event. If you’re not sure whether an event includes a jersey unlock, check Zwift Companion. The name of the event’s assigned kit will appear in the event details next to a jersey icon. When you see “#jerseyunlock” below it, that means you can keep it after the ride!

When the event ends, a banner will flash at the bottom of the screen if you have unlocked a jersey. Go to the Zwift menu and click or tap “Customize”, or press “t” on your keyboard to go straight to your garage.

Select the jersey icon, then scroll through your list of jerseys to see what’s available. Click or tap on your new kit to try it on!

Some jerseys require you to complete multiple events before unlocking. Once you complete the required stages you will receive a notification in-game or via email with an alert that your new jersey is available. As always, read the full event description for details.

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