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Zwift How-To: Successfully Complete an Interval

on April 17, 2019

During a structured workout, Zwift gives you a gold star for each interval block you complete successfully. You’ll also get some XP to help you level up! The stars appear in the left sidebar. A half star is awarded if you successfully completed only part of the interval, and if your effort is too far off’ll receive no star.

So how do you nail those intervals and get a better score?

Each interval has a target power level for cycling or pace for running. You’ll see it at the top of your screen next to the words “Ride at” or “Hold,” with your current power or pace in the center. You’ll earn stars depending on how closely you stayed to the target in each interval, and for how long. There is some wiggle room to go slightly below or above that number.

When you are out of range, your power or pace turns red, and you’ll see a warning to increase or reduce it. Bring it back into range and the number turns black. The goal is to stay within this target range for the whole interval. Instead of aiming for an average, try to spend as much time as possible close to your target.

More Tips and Tricks
  • It’s OK if you struggle to hit the right power or pace at first. The first several seconds of an interval don’t count. Adjust your effort as best as you can, and once you’re within range, focus on keeping steady.
  • In a ramp interval, warm up, or cooldown, pay close attention to the target power or pace. It changes!
  • Completing recovery blocks (under 60% of FTP) will give you a full star no matter what your power is, as long as you keep your legs moving. Just pedal easy and get ready for the next interval.
  • If you ride with a controllable smart trainer in ERG mode, your trainer will automatically change resistance to help you reach the target power. Try slowing your cadence before a hard interval to start adding resistance, or speed up your cadence to lower resistance before a rest.
  • You may want to turn off ERG mode if short intervals give you trouble. You can do this in the selection screen before the workout or from the action bar during the workout. You’ll need to change gears and cadence to adjust your power.

  • If you have a classic trainer or ERG mode is off, try shifting gears a few seconds before an interval to help you hit your target quickly.
  • Remember to read the workout description and onscreen instructions. Sometimes the training goal is a maximum effort or cadence work, so it’s OK if you don’t get a star.
  • When a workout has a target power level and a target cadence, it may be hard to stay within range for both. If this happens, just maintain the target power, unless cadence work is the goal.
  • To pass a “free ride” block, just keep riding!
  • If you need to, you can make the workout easier or harder by changing the FTP bias. Learn how to adjust the difficulty of a workout >
  • Stay on target with Zwift Companion, which puts your workout metrics and controls within easy reach. Learn more about using Zwift Companion for workouts >


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