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Zwift How-To: Choosing a World and Route

on April 03, 2020

Ride up a mountain or through a flat desert. Run on real city streets or a futuristic skyway. On Zwift, there are lots of options for where you can go. Here’s how to find them.

After you start Zwift and pair your devices, you will see a starting screen. Look at the top, underneath “World Choice,” for the three worlds available that day. One is always Watopia. The other two are a guest worlds, which rotate among Richmond, London, Innsbruck, Yorkshire and New York.

You can see the guest world schedule at the bottom right corner of the starting screen. The days of the month are color coded based on which two worlds will be available that day alongside Watopia.

Wondering where your friends are? Click on the tab with each world name to see a list of people Zwifting there. Anyone you follow will appear in the list below under "Join another Zwifter?".

Once you’ve selected a world at the top of the screen, click or tap the blue “Routes” button to open up the “Select Your Route” menu. From there, you can scroll the list of routes to see the distance and elevation gain for one lap. Clicking on a route will select it. At the right, you will see a map of the route’s location and shape.

Click or tap the orange “OK” button to select the route you have highlighted, or the blue “Cancel” button to keep the previous selected route. When you’re ready, click “Ride” or “Run” at the bottom of the screen to be transported to your world of choice.

Changed your mind?

You’re free to take different turns, or even turn around during your ride. But you’ll need to do more to change a predetermined route.

If you’re running Zwift on an iOS or Android device, you can switch your world or default route without exiting the app. When you stop riding or running, select “End Ride” or “End Run,” and either save or discard your activity. Tap your name to go back to the starting screen. There, you can choose a different route or a whole new world.

On a PC or Mac computer, ending your ride or run will close Zwift. You’ll need to log back in to choose a different route or world.

Happy exploring!


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