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Zwift How-To: Choosing a World and Route

on April 03, 2020


Ride up a mountain or through a flat desert. Run on real city streets or a futuristic skyway. On Zwift, there are lots of options for where you can go. Here’s how to find them.

After you start Zwift and pair your devices, you will see the home screen. Look at the top, under the globe icon, for the three worlds available that day. One is always Watopia. The other two are guest worlds, which rotate among Richmond, London, Innsbruck, Yorkshire, Makuri Islands, Paris, France, and New York.

You can see this month's guest world schedule by clicking "World Schedule" on this screen.

Once you’ve selected a world at the top of the screen, click or tap a route to see its details including a length, elevation, and a route map.

Click or tap the orange start button to start the route you have selected.

Changed your mind?

You’re free to take different turns, or even turn around during your ride. But you’ll need to do more to change a predetermined route.

When you stop riding or running, select “End Ride” or “End Run,” and either save or discard your activity. This will take you back to the home screen. There, you can choose a different route or a whole new world.

Happy exploring!


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