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Zwift How-To: Updating Your Game

on September 20, 2019

Zwift should update automatically. Most of the time, you won’t need to worry about keeping it fresh and new!

But if an update doesn't go through, or you don't have automatic updates turned on for your mobile device or Apple TV, you may have problems using Zwift. Here's how to make sure your Zwift game is updated with the latest features and fixes:

On a PC
  • Once you’ve installed Zwift, an icon for the Zwift launcher will appear on your taskbar (usually at the bottom right of your screen). Right-click the “Z” icon and left click “Check for Update Now.”
  • Any new updates will be installed when you next launch Zwift. If you want Zwift to download updates in the background, make sure that “Background Updating” has a checkmark next to it.
On a Mac
  • Just launch Zwift and it will update for you!
On Apple TV
  • Open the App Store and go to your “Purchased Apps” list. Select Zwift. If the app needs an update, there will be a button you can select to update it.
  • To enable automatic updates, go to the Settings menu, select “Apps,” and make sure that “Automatically Update Apps” is turned on.
Using an iOS mobile device (iPhone, iPad)
  • Go to the App Store and select “Updates” at the bottom. Zwift will appear here under “Pending” if your app is outdated. Tap the “Update” button beside the Zwift icon to download and install the most recent update.
  • If you want your apps to update automatically, go to Settings and then tap General. Here, you can turn automatic updates on or off.
Using an Android mobile device
  • Go to the Play Store, tap the menu button, and select “My Apps and Games.” If your version of Zwift is old, it will appear in the “Updates pending” list. Tap the “Update” button beside the app to download and install the most recent update.
  • To enable automatic updates, tap the menu button and go to “Settings.” From there, you can choose to auto-update apps over any network, over Wi-Fi only, or never.

If you still have trouble with a Zwift update, try posting on the Zwift community forums or contacting our support team. It can take some time, but often uninstalling and reinstalling Zwift will get you back on the newest virtual roads.


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