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Zwift How-To: Gain XP Faster

on October 25, 2019

To level up in Zwift, you need to collect experience points (XP). You can see your XP and your progress toward the next level on Zwift’s main menu screen. There’s also an orange bar at the top of your screen as you ride or run that will fill up as you get closer to the next level. When you gain XP, the points you’ve earned will pop up to the right of that display:

As you reach higher levels, you’ll get more clothes and accessories for your avatar, more available bikes and wheels in the Drop Shop, and access to certain level-gated areas on Watopia. (Note: XP and levels are counted separately in “Ride” and “Run” modes.)

Your level will go up naturally as you keep riding or running on Zwift. If you want to gain XP even faster, here are a few ways to maximize your points.

Pick flat routes

Zwift awards XP based on the distance you travel. Cyclists get 20 XP per kilometer or 30 XP per mile, while runners get 10 XP per .25 kilometers or 15 XP per .25 miles. You’ll cover more distance for the same effort when you’re on a flat road than when you’re climbing.

Don’t skip the descent

Sometimes the best reward for climbing a hill is the trip back down! While you can’t feel the rush of the wind in Zwift, you do get to rack up XP because you’re covering more distance in less time. About to end your ride at the top of a mountain? Go ahead and cool down on the descent for extra XP. You've earned it!

Ride with the pack

Anything that increases your speed also increases the rate at which you earn XP. Group rides and races can help you go faster for less effort, as long as you’re getting the benefit of the draft. You’ll go faster with a group than you can alone.

Go solo on a TT bike

Time trial bikes can’t draft on Zwift, but they do tend to go faster than road bikes. More importantly, they don’t collect PowerUps. Each time you cross a banner, you’ll get an XP bonus instead! This makes a TT bike a good choice if you don’t want to ride with anyone. Just make sure to switch it back before you join a group ride.

Ace a workout

When you’re in workout mode, follow your interval targets closely - even the recovery sections! The XP you earn is based on the length and difficulty of each workout block and how well you complete it. Go for as many stars as you can.

We hope you found these tips useful. See you out on course--you'll be leveling up before you know it!


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