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Zwift How-To: Using Zwift Companion to Get Help

on December 04, 2019

Available on iOS and Android, Zwift Companion makes Zwifting more social, more interactive, and easier to use. It also includes a help system which allows you to quickly find answers to Zwift questions from your smartphone!

Finding Help

Getting there is easy: from the home screen tap “More” then “Help” to enter the Help Menu. You will be presented with a simple box for entering your help request:

After entering your request, tap “Continue to Solutions” to search our knowledgebase for help.

Tap any solution in the search results to read more. If you find your answer simply tap “Solved!” All done!

Need further help? Tap “I Need Help” to live chat with a Community Support team member (when available) or shoot us an email.

To help our team serve you best, consider attaching a photo or video to your request directly via your mobile device.

Don't have Zwift Companion and want to see it for yourself? Get it from the Google Play Store, or the iOS App Store., free to download and use.


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