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Zwift How-to: Giving Ride Ons in game and out

on January 29, 2020

Have you seen a big blue thumb hovering over your avatar? No, you’re not delirious from your intervals. That’s called a “Ride On!” and it's one way Zwifters encourage each other. The name of the person who gave it to you will show at the top of your Zwift screen. If you get enough of them, your pockets might start filling up!

Here’s how to give Ride Ons to others.

While You’re Zwifting

You can give a Ride On to someone in-game by following a couple of steps:

  • Click or tap a Zwifter’s name to select them.
  • See the thumbs-up button to the left of their name? Click or tap that to give them a Ride On.
  • Your camera is now centered on the other rider.  Select “Return to me” in the bottom left corner of your screen to put the view back on you.
  • If a rider accomplishes a goal or gets a personal record, you might see a spray of confetti along with a thumbs-up icon beside their name. This lets you quickly give them a Ride On without changing your view.

But the easiest way to give Ride Ons is with Zwift Companion! Give a Ride On to a specific nearby rider by going to the “Nearby” tab, tapping a name in the list, then tapping the blue Ride On button:

Alternatively, from the live ride screen in Companion you can tap the white circle around your location arrow to give Ride Ons to up to 5 nearby Zwifters. Share the love!

When You’re Away

Zwift Companion also lets you give out Ride Ons when you’re not using Zwift. Just tap the Ride On button below the "Zwifting Now" bar to give a Ride On to every Zwifter you follow who is currently active on Zwift. That's a whole lotta thumbs!

You may also tap "Zwifting Now" and select a specific Zwifter to give them a Ride On.


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