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Zwift How-To: Ride With a FutureWorks Pace Partner

on December 20, 2020


Now there’s a new way to find someone to ride with on Zwift anytime you want! Meet the Zwift FutureWorks Pace Partners. These helpful, automated riders roam the roads and set a steady pace for you to follow, no matter when you want to ride. They started out adventuring through Watopia and now cruise around Makuri Islands, too. 

Note: Pace Partners are a FutureWorks project that is new and still being tested. Below, find out more about experimental FutureWorks projects and how you can help improve them.

They look a little different than other riders - you can see through them! They’ll send a few encouraging messages and may even give you a Ride On, but they’re really hoping to introduce you to some other Zwifters who will ride alongside you.

Find Your Pace Partner

When you log in to Zwift, select the different available worlds to see if any Pace Partners are riding. Currently, the Pace Partners ride in Watopia and Makuri Islands, so you’ll need to meet them there.

Click or tap “Pace Partners” under “Just Ride” on the home screen and you’ll see a screen inviting you to choose a Pace Partner. You’ll have a choice among these four riders:

  • D. Diesel (~1.5 w/kg): Casual-paced group ride with a few gentle hills.
  • C. Cadence (~2.5 w/kg): Moderately-paced group ride with occasional hills.
  • B. Brevet (~3.3 w/kg): Expert-paced group ride with frequent climbs.
  • A. Anquetil (~4.2 w/kg): Elite-paced ride on a challenging route. Many tough climbs!

You can see their pace and which route they are currently riding. Select one and hit “Next.” Your Pace Partner’s name is now highlighted. Hit “Back” if you’ve changed your mind. Otherwise, click or tap “Start Ride” at the bottom of your screen to start your ride with that Pace Partner!

Ride Along

Joining a Pace Partner works a lot like joining a friend using the “Ride with” function. You’ll have a few seconds to get up to speed while Zwift tethers you to your partner. Make sure you’ve got your pace dialed in before the Pedal Assist runs out! When your partner makes a turn, you’ll automatically follow them along the same route.

When a Pace Partner is close to you, Zwift will show a message at the top of the screen to let you know. If you spot one of these riders while you’re roaming around Watopia or Makuri Islands, don’t be shy – hop on their wheel! Groups will naturally form as people join. Feel free to chat with other Zwifters, give them Ride Ons, and maybe challenge them on the next sprint or hill climb. The ride is what you make it! Pace Partners are just there to help you out.

Stay Close To Earn More Drops

If you want, you can play a little game with the Pace Partners. When you join one, you’ll see a blue progress bar with their name come up at the top of the screen. If you stay close to your Pace Partner, that progress bar will fill up, and you’ll get a multiplier on the Drops you earn. This could help you get that bike or wheelset you’ve been eyeing in the Drop Shop! For every 5 minutes you’re nearby, another progress bar will fill and the multiplier will grow until it gets to 2.5x (meaning you get 2.5 times the normal amount of Drops). You can see your current Drops bonus to the right of the progress bar, underneath the blue droplet that counts all your Drops.

Watch out! If you see a “Stay with Pace Partner” message, it means you’re starting to leave your Pace Partner. Move too far away and your drops multiplier will reset. Keep an eye on the partner’s glowing beacon to stay in range.

More About FutureWorks

Pace Partners are currently part of Zwift’s FutureWorks platform, where we test new Zwift features. At the end of a ride that includes a FutureWorks feature, you may see a screen pop up that asks how your ride went. Please share your feedback there and in the forums so the team can polish these shiny new features!

Learn more about our FutureWorks platform


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