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Zwift How-To: Get More Bikes and Wheels at the Drop Shop

on December 29, 2021


You’ve been earning Drops for all the calories burned and riding you’ve done on Zwift. Now what do you do with them? Spend them on virtual upgrades! The Drop Shop features world-class bicycles and wheelsets from some of your favorite manufacturers along with a few Zwift-made specials. We’re adding more all the time, so keep checking back to see what’s new.

Shop the Drop Shop

First, click or tap “Garage” on the Zwift menu screen. Click the bike or wheel icon under “Drop Shop” on the right to browse all the available brands and select a brand to see what they have to offer. Choose from dozens of road, time trial, gravel, mountain, and other bikes. You can also browse wheels for the type of bike you have equipped. (Tip: If you don’t see any wheels for a road or TT bike, make sure you have one equipped.)

Below each bike or wheelset is a green tag showing how many Drops are needed to unlock the item. Select an item and you’ll see a preview on the left of your screen. Click or tap the button below it which shows the price in Drops, then hit “Confirm” to trade in those Drops for the bike or wheels. The label will then turn blue and say “Owned.”

Before clicking “Confirm,” be sure of your choice as there are no refunds at the Drop Shop! Once you become the owner, you may equip your new gear in the shop or wait until later.

How To Unlock Bikes

If the tag on an item is yellow and has a level number, that means a higher level is needed to unlock that item. When you reach the level on the tag, you’ll unlock it in the Drop Shop and can come back and make it yours. Click here to learn how to earn XP and level up.

If you’ve unlocked a bike or wheelset and the button to buy it is still grayed out, that means more Drops are needed. Check your total number of Drops at the top right corner of the screen. You’ll need to earn more Drops until you have enough to cover the amount listed on the item’s tag.

While most bike and wheel upgrades are found in the Drop Shop, a few special items require an alternative unlock, like completing a challenge.

Choose Your Upgrades

Changing your bicycle and wheelset can give you both style and speed. Each item is listed with scores for how aerodynamic (“Aero”) or lightweight (“Weight”) the item is, on a scale of one to four stars. The more stars, the better!

Road and time trial bikes are fastest on paved roads and slower on dirt or gravel. Mountain bikes do best on dirt but slow down on tarmac, while gravel bikes can handle both on-road and off-road riding. Time trial bikes are very aerodynamic, but they cannot draft or use PowerUps.

For more tips on bike and wheel choice, read our Garage Guide. Then go drop shopping and snag some upgrades. You deserve it!

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