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Zwift How-To: Understanding Drops

on December 29, 2021


Drops represent all the hard work you’ve done cycling on Zwift! Like sweat drops, you produce more when you ride harder and longer. Exchange collected Drops for virtual wheel and bike upgrades in the Drop Shop.

View your current Drop count at the top of your Zwift screen, shown as a number with a droplet highlighted in blue:

How To Earn Drops

As you ride, you earn Drops by:

  • Burning calories: The more calories you burn, the more Drops you earn. We base this on your power while you’re riding.
  • Climbing: Drops rain down much faster when you’re going uphill. The more elevation gained, the more you earn.
  • Covering distance: You earn a bit more Drops as you cover more distance.
  • Receiving Ride Ons: When another Zwifter gives you a Ride On, the Drops you earn will double for 15 seconds. Give Ride Ons to others to spread the love and give them a bonus, too!
  • Riding with a Pace Partner: The longer you stay close to a Pace Partner, the more you’ll multiply the Drops you earn. Read more about Pace Partners here!

Combine any of these tactics to see your Drops stack up! Burn more calories with a hard workout while climbing a mountain. At the same time, give Ride Ons to everyone you see (which might just inspire them to give one back). Then descend to get more distance, pedaling the whole way.

Gender is also factored in. Since men output more watts than women on average, giving them an advantage on distance and calories burned, female riders earn 10% more Drops than their male counterparts.

You also can earn a pile of bonus Drops when you level up. When you hit a level that’s divisible by 5, you’ll receive a bonus of 25,000 Drops. When the new level is divisible by 10, your bonus is a whopping 100,000 Drops! Learn how to earn XP and level up.

How To Use Drops

You can spend your hard-earned Drops at Zwift’s Drop Shop, a virtual marketplace where you can trade in Drops for new bikes and wheelsets.

First, go to your Garage and look to the right of the screen. Click either the bike or wheel icon to enter the Drop Shop and browse the selections, along with their price tag in Drops. Some items may be locked, either because you don’t have enough Drops or because you haven’t leveled up enough to unlock them. When you’re ready to make your choice, select the item you want to preview, then click the button with the number of Drops to make it yours. In exchange for those Drops, you’ll get a shiny new bike or wheelset!

Can’t decide what to buy? Check out our Garage Guide for advice on how to choose your equipment.

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