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Zwift How-To: Best Practices For Club Owners

on May 10, 2022


As a paying subscriber, did you know that once you reach Level 20 as a cyclist or Level 10 as a runner, you can create your very own Zwift club?

Clubs are communities where members can chat together, browse each other’s Zwift activities, and host their own rides and runs. Real-life clubs can bring their rides and runs into Zwift, and friends who have never met in person can be part of the same virtual community.

Want to start a club and make it the best it can be? Here are some club creation tips and best practices.

For more information on how to create and join clubs, click here.

Create a Club Identity

Your club’s name is what people will see first when you invite them to join. You’ll want the name to be easy to understand and find in a search. If your Zwift club is connected to a real-life club, group, or team, it’s a good idea to use the same name. Make sure you spell it correctly! Then choose colors and an icon that fit well with your club and what it’s all about.

Each club has its own personality. What will yours be? The community will shape it, but you get to set the tone from the start.

Tell Us More!

After you’ve created your club, give people more information about it by changing the club settings. Here are some ideas for things to include in the “About” section:

  • Your club’s purpose
  • Background and how it started
  • Primary location or time zone
  • Who the members are and who can join
  • The types of events it hosts
  • Information about your club outside of Zwift (if applicable)

Add Members

You can invite Zwifters who are following you to join your club. Not sure who to ask? You could look for Zwifters who:

  • Have a common interest
  • Live in the same area
  • See each other on Zwift often
  • Ride or run at a similar ability level
  • Want to join the same type of private events

If you’ve set your club to “invitation only,” this is the only way you can add members. “Ask to join” lets members search for and apply to join your club, while “anyone can join” opens it to all Zwifters. To send a more open invitation, go to the club menu to share a link to your club in a message, social media post, email, or any other way you like.

Create Events

Clubs thrive when they give their members a chance to ride or run together. Find out what types of events your members want, and get creative! Will you have a social run? A race? A ride with sprints? A trivia contest with hill climbs and a snack break in the middle? Once you’ve decided, schedule your events based on the days and times that your members are likely to be Zwifting.

Then make sure your members know about it. If it’s a new event, try making an announcement on the club page. You can also share your event link on social media or send it to your friends directly.

Choose Event Routes Wisely

The right event route can make a big difference! When deciding which roads to take, think about the event format. If you’re planning a laid-back social ride or run, you may want to stick to flatter roads. For sprints, try doing laps of a route that goes through a sprint banner. A group that wants more of a challenge will appreciate some hills or even a mountain. And a race can benefit from a course with lots of places to attack.

Of course, there is no rule against an easy ride up Alpe du Zwift or a race on Tempus Fugit. Just make sure your group is prepared!

Describe Your Events

It’s a good idea to let members know what to expect from club events. Give each event a memorable title so your club members will see it in their events list and want to join. In the description, write some information about the purpose and format of the event, along with any other details that might be helpful. Try to keep it short and easy to read, but make sure it includes anything you want people to know before joining.

Get Help From Your Friends

As your club grows, you’ll probably want some help managing it. Name a few trusted members as Moderators to help manage club members, events, chat, and announcements. They won’t be able to change the club or its settings – only people set as Owners can do that.

You might also want to recruit people to lead and sweep rides and runs. More about that next!

Name Leaders and Sweepers

Some events don’t need leaders or sweepers, like races or “go at your own pace” rides and runs. But if you want everyone in the event to stay together, it’s best to at least have a leader. The leader should be able to keep a steady pace – or stick to the chosen format – and make small adjustments as needed by the group. A sweeper can help bring dropped Zwifters back to the main group or serve as a second group leader behind it.

Check out these tips on ride leading and these tips on sweeping from expert Zwifters.

Have Fun

Remember to get involved in your new community. Use the chat to stay connected to other members, and keep them informed about club news and events with announcements. Browse members’ activities so you can give them “Ride Ons.” Remember to join events and talk to your clubmates in-game. Enjoy getting social on Zwift!

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