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Zwift How-To: Voice Chat With Discord

on January 05, 2023


You can type messages to other Zwifters in-game, but what if you want to speak to them and hear their voices? It’s easy using the third-party Discord app!

Discord gathers community members together to chat using text and their voices. It’s a helpful tool for chatting during group rides, working as a team during races, and finding others to join you on a ride.

If you’re a member of some Zwift Clubs, you may notice a section on a club’s page called “Club Connections.” This can include a link to the club’s Discord server, where you can connect with other club members during and between rides. If you are a club owner and you have a Discord server, you can add this link by editing the club information.

How to Join Discord

First, download the Discord app on your computer, phone, or tablet and create your free account. Choose whatever is easiest for you to access during a ride.

You will need a microphone and speakers or headphones to use voice chat. Make sure your device has these already, or connect them. You can use the built-in mic and speaker on a mobile device, but a headset with a microphone will work much better.

Finally, click the link to accept the invitation to join your club’s Discord server. You will see a screen showing all the channels in the server on the left side.

Signed into the Discord server of The Herd, a popular Zwift team

In text channels, you can type messages to fellow club members. You’ll start off in one of these, so feel free to say “hi” and introduce yourself! There might be different channels where you can chat about group rides, races, or other topics. Check them out so you know where to go to ask questions or have a conversation.

Voice channels will have a speaker icon next to their name. Join one by clicking or tapping its name, and then (if prompted) “Join Voice.” To leave a voice channel, click or tap the “Disconnect” button, which looks like a telephone with an X.

Voice Chat Tips

Discord’s voice chat has two input modes: Voice Activity and Push to Talk. With Voice Activity, your microphone will activate when Discord detects sound. With Push to Talk, others won’t hear you unless you are holding down a certain key (on a computer) or tapping and holding a “Push to Talk” button (on a mobile device).

We recommend using Push to Talk while riding. That way, the other chatters won’t hear things like your trainer, fans, or heavy breathing when you’re not talking.

To change your input mode, go to your User Settings menu, then select “Voice” or “Voice and Video” under “App Settings.” Here, you can select Voice Activity or Push to Talk. If you’re on a computer, you can also change the key you need to hold to talk. (Tip: Remember not to use any keys you normally press while riding – like the spacebar, which activates your PowerUp!)

Discord voice settings with Push to Talk enabled

If you choose Voice Activity, this menu also lets you change your input sensitivity. You can turn this up if your microphone activates when you don’t want it to, and turn it down if it doesn’t activate when you talk. Discord also can set this automatically.

Now you’re ready to talk to your club members and friends. Have fun getting social!

Zwift Runner Pacer Groups 3 months ago