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Zwift How-To: Unlocking the Zwift Concept Z1 Bike

on January 04, 2018

Unlocking Zwift’s Concept Z1 bike takes a little planning, and a lot of climbing. But the reward for your hard work is a sleek, awesome, futuristic machine that’s looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. It’s the bike that every Zwifter notices and wants. Here’s how you earn it.

Choose the Right Challenge

Once you launch Zwift and your avatar is ready to ride, click the “Menu” button that appears in the lower left corner. Now click on the “Challenges” window in the middle right section of the menu.

Choose a Challenge

If an illustration that looks like Mt. Everest appears, you might have already chosen the challenge that leads you to unlocking the Concept bike. To switch to “Climb Mt. Everest,” click on the “Select another challenge” link and choose the correct option.

Climb the Equivalent of Mt. Everest, and Then Keep Going

Every time you Zwift, climb as much as you can. Check out your progress by clicking on the Challenges window, and reaching the top of Mt. Everest by ascending 29,035 “vertical” feet (8,850 meters) is a great accomplishment. But unlocking the Concept bike requires that you climb a total of 164,042 feet (50,000 meters). Keep going! As soon as you achieve your goal, a banner will appear while you’re Zwifting.

Pick Your Concept Bike

From the Menu, click the “Customize” button. Choose the “Concept Z1” bike, and use the slider to pick the color that you like. Return to the virtual roads and show off your new machine.

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