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Zwift How-To: Understanding Stress Points

on January 12, 2018

If you have been looking through different workouts on Zwift, or reviewing your ride reports, you may have noticed the letters “SP” next to a number. “SP” stands for “Stress Points” and the number indicates how difficult a certain workout or ride was.

What are Stress Points?

“SP” is a number that uses the duration and intensity of a workout to estimate the mental stress of that workout session. It is similar to TSS® which is what Training Peaks uses to measure workout intensity. Lower numbers indicate less stress, and higher numbers indicate more stress.
Stress Points
Remember that this is a measure of mental strength. So even if the SP number is low it doesn’t mean the workout won’t have some hard segments in it. It just means that it is less likely to break you mentally than a workout with a stress Points number of 125.

Where can I find Stress Points in Zwift?

There are two locations you can find Stress Points in Zwift.
In the menu screen of group workouts -- as you see the different types of workouts, you will see the SP number change with each workout
At the end of each ride. Zwift always tracks your progress, regardless of if you are participating in a workout or event. At the end of each ride you can see how tough it was. The SP score will be in the top right of your ride report.
Ride Report
Start a training plan, and watch as your mental toughness rises as you get stronger and stronger.