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Zwift How-To: Changing Your Camera View

on January 18, 2018

Camera angles in Zwift give you a great perspective to see the road ahead and your avatar in action. But if you want to look around the landscape or catch hot lava bubble up in the volcano, you have options.

Changing camera angles can vastly enhance your experience. If you’re riding through London and want to do some sightseeing, go wide angle to see different landmarks. If you want that handlebar view, switch to a first person. When racing, awareness of who’s around you is key. Play with camera angles and ward off a surprise attack, or catch the group sleeping and try to open up a gap.

How to change the camera angle

  • PC or MAC Press keyboard numbers 1-9.
  • ZML Tap the ‘Eye Button’ to cycle through the options. Available in Map and Dashboard screens.
  • iOS Tap the numbered ‘Video Button’ to cycle through the options.
  • Camera angle options are also available in ‘fan view’ mode.

Camera Angles

Camera Options

  • #1: Forward facing - Medium distance chase cam (Default)
  • #2: Forward facing - Short distance chase cam
  • #3: Forward facing - First person POV
  • #4: Rear facing - View yourself from the front, at an angle
  • #5: Forward facing - A low angle, free-floating chase cam
  • #6: Rear facing - View from the front, see who is on your rear wheel
  • #7: Side facing - A sideline flyby camera view
  • #8: Helicopter chase perspective - Just like on TV!
  • #9: Overhead View - Get a top-down view of all the action
  • #0: Drone View - Use the arrow keys, +, and - keys to move the camera around your avatar. You can hit 0 in any camera angle above to activate drone view
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