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Zwift How-To: Customizing Your Avatar

on January 23, 2018

As you progress in the game, you will unlock more and more jerseys, bikes, helmets, wheels, and even socks. Here is how to customize your avatar to keep it looking fresh and as unique as you.

Getting to the Customization Screen

When riding in Zwift, click/tap anywhere to bring up the menu button. One the right, you’ll see four icons. Click/tap on the CUSTOMIZE icon, the one with an image of a kit and bicycle.

Menu Screen

Customizing your Avatar

From here, you can browse you virtual locker and customize your kit, bike, wheels, helmet, sunglasses, shoes, socks, hair, and facial hair. For some items, use the slider on the right to toggle with color or length. Go wild, get bright, make a fashion statement, or go subdued and keep things tight. A camera icon allows you to see your look from every angle.

As you scroll through, you’ll find that some items are locked. You unlock them by leveling up, scoring achievements in game, or by completing special missions or group rides. For example, completing a Fondo ride scores you that month’s exclusive jersey. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, or Twitter to join events and nab these rare gems. If you are looking to unlock the Zwift Concept bike, this article breaks down how.


Click and drag on your avatar to spin them around and see your item from every angle. Once you are all set, click done and then back to jump into your ride. Remember that your avatar needs to be stationary for you to change your wheels or bike. Even though this is virtual world, we still want you to be safe.

You can style your look as often as you want. Keep riding to get more unlockables and make your avatar stand out from the rest of the pack.

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