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Zwift How-To: Changing Your Route

on January 27, 2018

It’s easy to discover a new Zwift route or to return to an old favorite. Want to climb like crazy in Watopia? Ride across London Bridge? Race through Richmond? You can map your ride before you begin to Zwift. You can also change your route as you go.

Here’s how to explore every stretch and turn of Zwift road.

Pick from a Full Menu of Pre-Selected Routes

Zwift’s start window displays a default route, but you can choose something else. Click the blue “Change” button that’s next to the listed route and you’ll be offered a menu of route choices, each of which displays distance and elevation gain. Click on any route and you’ll get a full description of what you’ll encounter during your session, along with a quick, animated outline of the proposed path. A green arrow icon shows where you’ll start, and you’ll discover that pre-selected Zwift rides sometimes feature different starting points. But don’t fret about where you’ll end up. Zwift keeps you on your pre-selected route, lap after lap after lap.

Route Selection

Turn Whenever You Want

Go your own way! Approach an intersection anywhere in Zwift and road signs and pop-up windows alert you that turning is an option. Change course with the arrow keys or the cursor, or use prominent navigation buttons found on your smartphone’s Zwift Companion App. Join a peloton headed toward the volcano. Or let it go, don’t initiate any turn at all, and stay on your pre-selected route.


U-Turns are Easy

Want to double back? You can often make a U-turn by pressing the down arrow on your keyboard, or via the U-turn icon on ZML.Press down until your avatar initiates the turn, which might happen slowly if you’re riding in a crowd, and won’t happen at all if you’re barely moving. U-Turn


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