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Zwift How-To: Using the Action Bar in Game

on February 02, 2018

Zwift’s blue Action Bar puts useful commands at every rider’s fingertips. The Action Bar, which is accessible whenever you Zwift, features buttons for changing the camera view, taking avatar selfies, making U-turns, giving encouragement to others, and more. The Action Bar is the riding partner that never leaves your side.

Action Bar

When you’re in-game, hit the up arrow on your computer to bring up the Action Bar. If you are using the Zwift Companion (ZC) app on your smartphone, look for the Action Bar at the base of your phone’s screen. The Action Bar remains in view when you’ve chosen the map or dashboard windows, although there are more commands than you can immediately see. Swipe right or left on the bar and additional options appear.

And make sure your ZC is connected to the same internet connection as Zwift.

Check out our guide to every ZC Action Bar command. It puts you in the driver’s seat every time you Zwift.Icons

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