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Zwift How-to: Selecting a Challenge

on February 07, 2018

You can apply your miles and climbing towards a long-term challenge in Zwift. Complete them and you’ll grow your digital collection of high-performance bikes. You’re likely familiar with the most coveted – the glowing Z1 Concept bike. Each challenge brings its own reward, a nice reminder as you grind your way up the mountains of Watopia.

Here’s how to get started. During your ride, tap or hit any key to pull up the Zwift menu. Look for and click SELECT A CHALLENGE to open a new window. Depending on your experience level, you’ll find the available challenges to choose from.

Once you make your selection, your distance/climbing will apply only to that challenge until you finish it, or switch to a different one altogether. The progress bar tracks where you’re at.

Select a Workout

Here’s the current lineup, and the sweat equity required for each.

Ride California: Ride 797 mi (1283 km)
Tour Italy: Ride 1242 mi (2000 km)
Climb Mt. Everest: Climb 29,028 ft (8,847 m) - and keep going for the ultimate prize


We design challenges with the long game in mind, and they’re fully attainable with some time and dedication. Fondos and event rides are great options for clocking miles. Check our events calendar and see what’s happening on Zwift.

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